Baby Steps: Light Green

I just received an email (fwd) from my dad talking about being more mindful of what we purchase in relation to where things are made. The email outlined several common items that we purchase: GE light bulbs, Crest toothpaste, Bounce dryer sheets and Hershey's chocolate. This person just happened to read the labels on these items and saw that they were each made in Mexico, with the exception of the dryer sheets, which were made in Canada. The shopper decided to purchase the less-costly off-brand items that were comparable and those were actually made in the USA. I realize that sometimes there is just no comparison (IE: Hershey's vs. store brand) but for those items that we really don't realize the difference (IE: fragrance free dryer sheets, crushed tomatoes, light bulbs) I'd say its worth putting aside brand-power and picking up the items made here, in the USA. Why not? They're generally less expensive anyways.
Also, another forward came from my sister about getting $100 worth of groceries for $0.25. Here's the link with a clip from the Today Show if you're interested in finding out how:

If you're wondering how the subject ties in, I guess its because I feel like these are very small steps to becoming more conscientious of how we live and effect the world around us. Some people call such a movement "going green". I do not consider myself 'green' but I do care about the resources God gave us and I'm learning to be a better steward....hence, baby steps, and light green.


Happy New Year!

Well, I haven't been great about updating this blog but I'm resolving to not feel guilty. Speaking of resolving...here are a few things I've been thinking about applying to 2010 (in case you were wondering :) ).

1 - To be intentional about family-fun-time/devotionals.
-While we were away on our small group retreat, we left Kayna with a wonderful family (the family who's 3 boys I watch every Monday). Upon returning, Roz (the mom) informed me that Kayna LOVED 'family time'. This is a time where the Brown's gather their kids, sing praise songs (with each child playing an instrument), read a bible story, then each person prays for something/someone. Thursday is usually 'family night' at the Brown's but Kayna had a special request to do it again on Saturday night...so they did. This was an inspiration to me so we implemented our first Houston 'family night' on Wednesday night. Kayna's special request was that both mama and daddy played their guitars! Its been a while, and now that I have tender fingers from strumming 'Hosanna' all night, this blog is truly a sacrifice as I type in pain.

2 - To waste less (mostly food).
- I recently heard a sermon that pointed out several things that the Bible mentions as it points in the direction of the end times. One of the facts (and I'm bound to butcher the exact scripture/reference) states that we will give in to waste and plenty and be frivolous with what we're given. The pastor referenced America's restaurants and their portion sizes and how much good food is wasted and thrown out due to over-indulgence and frivolousness. I was convicted for the lack of accountability I have in my own home and the items I buy, make and throw away the excess. This year, I will resolve to waste less food and be wiser in what I buy and make. Also, I resolve to turn the lights off when they're not needed, and use less water when brushing my teeth or washing the dishes (not compromising the clean factor, of course! :) ).

These are the 2 resolutions I thought I could stick to in 2010. I hope this year is filled with joy, peace and giving hearts as we bring focus back to what's important: Jesus, family and relationships.

What are your resolutions for 2010?