change is good

I (Jenn) recently redecorated our master bedroom and bathroom for Chris's birthday. The funny part of the story is that I first asked Chris "What would you like for your birthday? Something that would benefit the both of us, or just you?". At the time, I thought the question was a perfectly good question allowing for Chris to actually choose what he wanted. I failed to realize that he didn't really have a choice in the matter as he is a very discerning person and he could see the wheels turning in my head in one direction....the direction of the correct answer, "A" -something for the both of us, of course! After my dad painted the bedroom and our bathroom, I excitedly put the new linens on our bed, hung the curtains, cleaned the bathroom, and vacummed so the "unveiling" would be a surprise to Chris when he came home from work. We stood there admiring the transformation (too bad I didn't take a before-shot....just picture bland cream walls with a patchwork quit/duvet - nothing too exciting). There's something inspiring about change. Something new that invades your every-day life that encourages you to do things differently, sometimes better than before. For example, I am now inspired to make my bed (confession: I didn't always before!), keep our room tidy, and think of new ideas to bring the change into the rest of the house. One change that I am especially excited to welcome is Fall. Again, this change is inspiring to me. It inspires me to get outside and thank God for creation, try new fall-ish recipes, pull out my fall wardrobe (ok, in reality I have only a few sweaters that i'm referring to as "wardrobe"), and buy a pumpkin! There is a lot of change going on right now in our lives and it is good, it is exciting and it is right. Although the change I have been talking about so far has been exciting and inspiring, there is another type of change that can be shocking and hard to accept. It is unexpected change. Change that is out of our control. In the midst of change, whether welcomed and inspiring or shocking and unexpected, I want to stand on the One thing in life that never changes....never has....and never will....God and His promises. Whew! It's such a relief in times like these to trust in the God that created all things and who is more powerful than the politicians and other rulers on earth (Colossians 1:15-20). I hope you are inspired today to walk through the changes that come your way, while resting in Him who created all things. Its an exciting journey we're on....to say the least.


Our Little Dancing Queen

Jenn found Kayna in the sunroom listening to Pandora Radio online and dancing. The first 4 seconds are pretty talent-filled if we do say so ourselves...so much so, we let you do a double take and see it again.

Kayna Turns 1 - July 2008

Chris and Kayna on her official birthday. She sure loves him!
Continuing to celebrate at Grandpa Brown and Mimi's pool. L to R: Chris's parents Clare and Wayne, Us, Jenn's parents Dennis and Pati

Family Celebrations

At the beginning of September we celebrated Chris's 32nd birthday! Chris is surrounded by some of our wonderful family (L to R): Gran, Cousin Baby Samuel, Jenn, Kayna, Cousin Aaron, and Cousin Meg Scott. We sure know how to party - with good food and a private room for all the cousins to run around in :) -Thanks Papa and Gran!