The Mallards and the Muskrats (aka The Birds and the Bees)

Spring is in the air and 'something's in the water'!! Do you recall the posts I wrote about our backyard neighbors, the beavers? Well, add to that, Mallards and Muskrats. Last week I was in the sunroom nursing Coen and I noticed a male Mallard duck 'choking' on something in the small pond created by the beaver dam. I watched for what seemed like several minutes as I thought this duck was trying to carry a huge stick to its nest or eat a large fish. It was hard to tell. After what seemed like several minutes (i'm sure it was roughly 30 seconds!) a female duck surfaced. I felt so violated! Here I was trying to figure out how to help this duck when I discover that he certaintly didn't need my assistance as he impregnated his mate. Fast forward 1 week. Chris and I have discovered a Muskrat that's also been enjoying the beaver pond. We've been trying to show it to Kayna but it disappears before she's been able to get a closer look. Until this week. Again, I was in the sunroom and I hollar for Kayna to come see the Muskrat. She finally sees it and we're so excited to discover nature together until...a second Muskrat enters the scene. It all happened so fast. All of a sudden one of them makes a move and tries to mount the other!!! What looks like an unsuccessful attempt turns into 10+ attempts before we finally exit the sunroom. I'm not quite sure why there's so much friskyness going on in our beaver pond. All I know is that we're not getting any ideas. I've got my hands full at this time!