37 Weeks

Here we are. I'm now considered 'full-term' in my second pregnancy. Its been a good pregnancy all around -a tiny bit different with a few more aches here and there- but overall very healthy. Praise the Lord!

Just for the sake of going down memory lane/and for fun (and to see if any gender predictions arise from this list of differences) here are two lists of my pregnancy experiences.

Baby Houston #1 (Kayna)

Found out we were expecting on Oct. 31, 2006
Had bleeding, inconsistent hormone levels and thyroid concerns right off the bat.
Under careful watch via ultrasounds beginning at week 5 1/2 continuing throughout pregnancy.
My belly measured 2cm's smaller than normal the entire pregnancy.
Placenta was on the bottom for the first half, then moved to a more normal and less threatening position for the remainder of pregnancy.
Her heart rate was always in the normal range of low -130's
She was also positioned very low from the start.
My cravings included: Shellfish- particularly in pasta and Lindt chocolate truffles (I had 1 every afternoon around 3pm at work), milk.
Food adversions: COFFEE. Couldn't stand the smell of it throughout my pregnancy.
Gained 19 pounds.
Sciatic nerve pain.
Worked full time until 2 weeks before due date.
Water broke at home - first sign of labor - Kayna was born, all naturale, 7 1/2 hours and 5 pushes later at 11:30pm, 30 minutes before her due date. 6lb 7oz & 19 3/4".
She came fast which was a blessing but the recovery was quite an ordeal.

Baby Houston #2 (??Name??)

Found out we were expecting at the beginning of June 2010
Had a normal first appointment at 10 weeks.
Measuring 1-2cm's small again but have already gained 25 pounds (and we have a few more weeks left)!
Had normal ultrasound at 18 1/2 weeks. Everything was 'normal' and great (this was our first and only ultrasound, so quite a bit different than catching a sneak peek each visit).
Vericose veins made an appearance in 1 leg and other places....around week 26.
Baby's heart rate has varied from 138-150.
Doesn't seem to be positioned quite as low as Kayna was.
Cravings include: Plain pasta in the first trimester -or ethnic foods (only once though, couldn't have the same thing twice) then onto chocolate milk, salad, sushi, crisp/fresh lettuce wraps, and now cinnamon rolls!
Adversions: Ground beef and most meats.
Sciatic nerve pain in 2nd trimester but not any longer - thankfully!
Working full time by chasing after Kayna :) - a little more labor intensive than sitting at a desk 8 hours a day.
As far as labor/delivery - we'll see!!!

There you have it. I'm sure there are more details that differenciate the pregnancies but i'll leave those to discuss with the doctor :)

Here I am in my first pregnancy around 25ish weeks pregnant with Kayna

Here I am around the same time with baby #2 - with big sis looking on :)