Seasons come, seasons go

We have officially entered a new season! Kayna started preschool last week and LOVES it!! She especially likes picking out her clothes (even down to which underwear she's going to wear!). We've also had the privilege of keeping 3 boys ages 4 and under on the off days of preschool. This has been such a joy and Kayna has already begun to blossom as she's been able to socialize with other children 5 days a week...not even including the church nursery on Sundays. Its so fun to see her vocabulary grow each day. She's just about to get into the phase where she'll be saying those hilarious truths you always hear about children saying. Here are a few pictures from her first few days at preschool.

First day of school breakfast! Whole wheat bagel and eggs. Hopefully it held her over until lunch time!

Second day of school. Just woke up and having some snuggle time with daddy in her new Elmo pajamas.
2nd day of school. She posed like this on her her own after insisting on wearing her "ba-pack!"

I don't know how to rotate pictures on here but I couldn't resist adding this one. She's obviously SO EXCITED to go to school.