Growing Garden

A few weeks ago I got the bug...the bug to get my hands in the dirt and take part in creation and growth and nurturing something new and watch it come forth to bloom and blossom. Some may call it Spring Fever. This inspiration began when the first warm breeze blew in and the daffodils began to show off their pale yellow smiles. I LOVE this time of the year! The only thing I would change about it is the inch-thick pollen that gets deposited on everything in sight...daily. I was at my sister-in-laws house today and I could see the thick layer of "chalk" (as Kayna calls it) floating in the air all around me as I began to feel a slight tickle in my throat that whispered 'allergies'.
I guess its all part of it.
The reason for this post is to mention another inspiration. An inspiration that came from the first inspiration. As I was planting my Zinnia garden last week, I began thinking about a very close friend who is in the middle of a beautiful redemptive season. I thought about how beautiful the flowers I was planting will become, and I felt like it was very symbolic of the journey this friend of mine is on. Since it took a while to plant 200 seeds, my thought process turned into a prayer for this special friend. The next day, while watering my seeds, I began to recall the previous day and my thoughts went back to this friend. I decided that I would pray for her each time I visited the Zinnia garden. Whether to water it or admire the delicate sprouts shooting up. I've found that different, yet specific, words and topics to pray for her have come to mind during this set-apart time in my day. Its become a joy, not only to admire creation, but to have this time focused on one specific person. I plan to make a small beautiful sign and place it in the garden dedicating it to this friend.
As I planted my tomato plants today, I decided that I would use the time it took to plant them to pray for Chris. Each day, as I water them and look after them, I will pray for him. Since he is the main provider for our family, I thought it was very symbolic of how the tomato plants will provide for us - lots of beautiful, sweet fruit in due time. I trust that the specific things that come to mind will be from the Lord and I am finding such peace and purpose in this focused time.
I hope to look for more opportunities in the day to accomplish more eternal work! In the meantime, I better get planting some other veggies as I failed to mention that Chris hates tomatoes!

I am excited to post pictures as soon as things get growing so check back for updates on my growing garden :)