Coen's Birth Story

Yes, there are about 1,000 other things I should be doing right about now but instead, I am here at the computer and realize that I have yet to write out Coen's birth story.
What a sweet miracle, I don't want to forget so here I sit and type...
It was 4:30 on Saturday morning, February 12th. I woke up with a pain in my abdomin. I laid there for a minute to assess the situation. Was it AM or PM? Had it been more than 2 hours since I last went to the bathroom? No, I just went in the 3 o'clock hour. Was my whole stomach tense? I couldn't tell. I decided to get up, do the inevitable and empty my bladder once again, I got a large glass of water and I decided to lay back down to see if it happened again. Another contraction came about 12 minutes later. Since I had experienced a 2.5 hour period of consistant Braxton Hicks contractions 2 nights before, I decided to let Chris continue sleeping while I went into the living room to pace and rest on the couch.
With my note pad near by I began to keep track of the contractions. They went from 12 minutes apart to 5 minutes apart within an hour so I decided to call my doctor. The OB on call told me to sit tight and let them get to 5 minutes apart for an hour, then call and head to the hospital. This is the point in which I remind her that my first labor was 7.5 hours total and my sister's second baby was born in the car on the way to the hospital.
I heeded her advice though and sat tight. Chris came out and laid on the living room floor as I rested on the couch. The strangest thing began to happen. My contractions began to space out. I thought FOR SURE at this point that it was just another false alarm. They went back to 6, 7, 8, 12 minutes apart.
At 7am I had 2 pretty intense contractions so I told Chris that it wouldn't hurt to go to the hospital to get checked out - the worst they'd say is 'go home' or 'go walk around the mall'. I still wasn't convinced that I was in labor because I could still talk through the contractions. Yes, they were painful, but I always expect the worst and I kept saying to myself, 'I would know if I was in labor, these are just practice contractions'.
Since my mom was staying with us, and we'd pretty much had a full night's sleep, and it was a Saturday, I reasoned myself into going to the hospital. I only had about 2 or 3 contractions on the way to the hospital so I was still expecting to be sent home. In Triage we were told that I was 6 to 7 centimeteres dialated. This is when I quickly reminded them of my first quick labor and my sister's second labor. I got checked into a room immediately.
I knew I wanted a natural labor again so I requested the exercise ball to sit on. My contractions were still pretty spaced out and with no pattern so I felt like we were just hanging out with our amazing nurse. Surreal was the overall feeling.
Since my water breaking with Kayna was the first sign of labor with her, I had no concept of how long this labor would be.
Once on the ball I began to really feel my contractions, but I didn't know when to expect them due to the lack of consistancy - even at this point. They were getting very intense very quickly. I stood up and leaned on the bed with my elbows and I buried my face in the bed for a few intense contractions. I didn't want anyone touching me at all and I didn't even want attention on me. This is exactly how I felt when I ran the 1/2 marathon in 2009. I was my own best competitor and felt more mentally empowered on my own. Although, Chris's sweet encouragement sure helped between my contractions! :)
All of a sudden I just had to push....but wait a minute...my water hadn't broken! What was happening? Before I could complete any of those thoughts a huge-o gush of amniotic fluid splattered out. What relief I felt for about a half of a second. The nurse and Chris were shocked. I had no time to be shocked. It was constant intense pain after that. Our amazing nurse urged me to get on the bed but I resisted since I was frozen in pain. Thankfully, I found the strength to get on the bed and assumed what Chris calls the 'Spiderman Position'. Apparently, I was contorted in such a way that I looked like Spiderman doing some acrobatic move. All I knew was that I felt like the bed was keeping the baby in. As my midwife ran into the room I said loudly, "I don't want to be checked again!" -thinking she was just coming in to see how far dialated I was. My eyes were closed tight from the pain as my amazing midwife coached me through pushing. Her encouragement and gentleness brought an instant peace and I knew exactly what I needed to do.
Since I had pretty bad tearing with Kayna I was so nervous about this part. Thankfully, I felt way more in control with my pushing than I was the first go-around. With each push I didn't give it my all, in order to not tear as badly, but I still felt like progress was being made. Yes, I had the thought that I was going to die and that I just...couldn't....do it.... but, just as I was having those thoughts it was over! At 10:35am and after about 10 pushes, our little Coen Wylee was born!
As soon as he came out I uttered, "that was it? it's over?" I still couldn't believe or compute that I was in labor, let alone just delivered my baby! Chris was able to announce the gender and we were both in awe. A BOY!!
The placenta delivered beautifully and I was shocked at my own inquisitiveness. I wanted to see everything so my midwife showed me the placenta, inside and out, the cord attachment, and the amniotic sac that housed my baby for 9 months. It was so amazing! I never saw any of that with Kayna - and honestly, I didn't care to, I was in so much pain.
What a beautiful experience Coen's birth was. It took a whole 2 minutes before I said, "I could do that again!" -this in itself is an answer to prayer as it took me 2 1/2 years to utter those words after Kayna's birth.
Well, there it is. I would definately say that we've moved beyond the surviving phase and on to the thriving phase. Kayna loves her brother SO MUCH - I just love seeing her hold, tickle, talk to, and care for Coen. Its priceless. I often sit back with my heart full as I survey the beautiful children that God has blessed us with. Yes, there are dirty dishes in the sink and dust on the shelves most days but I am really soaking up this season, as I know it flys by too quickly.
Thanks for reading. I will post a few details and answered prayer from this birth in another entry.
Now, on to the tasks that can only be done when both children are sleeping.... ahhh-peace and quiet.

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Fields of gold said...

Rejoicing with you Jenn!! I remember how tough Kayna's birth and healing afterwards was. PRAISE GOD for such grace with Coen's birth!!

I'm looking forward to hearing about answered prayers!!

Love y'all!!