Its a BOY!

We are excited to finally announce (on the blog) that our Coen Wylee Houston was born on Saturday, Feb. 12 at 10:35am! He was 7.7 lbs and 19 1/4"
We just took him to his one month check up and he's a whopping 9.14 lbs and 21 1/2"!! That's a lot of growing for just 4 weeks (and a LOT of breastfeeding!!).
We're so so thankful for a healthy and content precious boy.

There were certainly concerns that I had about this pregnancy (which, i'm sure are totally normal to have) but the Lord fully answered each prayer and graced us with a beautiful, quick and easy delivery and strong healthy boy.

I will write his birth story and share the details of each answered prayer in another post but I wanted to get this up before another 4 weeks passed by.

Enjoy the sweetness :)
Leaving the hospital (below). Coen was due on Valentine's day so we received a red hat, sweetly made by the volunteers at the hospital:

Sister kisses are the sweetest!

Big sister is certainly a big help :) She's "washed" all the dishes you see here. It only took her almost 1 full bottle of dishwashing soap! Next time i'll have to breastfeed in a place where I can keep an eye on the happenings in the kitchen.

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Fields of gold said...

Congratulations Jenn!! Coen is just precious! I'm looking forward to reading/ hearing all the prayers answered for you during your pregnancy. And to getting together soon!

Love, Sam